Artist & Technologist

SP Estes translates a background in chemistry and technology into artistic compositions.

She uses a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials with made and re-purposed materials to explore the nature of relationships, walls, boundaries and intersections.

Prior to work on canvas, Estes was a ceramicist at Lill Street Studios and the Hyde Park Art Center. Since 2001 she has been painting and making multi/mixed media pieces including digital compositions.  She recycles and creates mixtures using organic and inorganic materials. In many of her pieces, she embeds remnants of nature and technology.

Estes works in limited editions, including abstracts and mixed textures, Movable and Small WallsTM series, digital compositions, paintings and drawings, and the “TechArcheology” sculptures.

In her figurative paintings and drawings Estes blends images of self, angles, texture, color and movement.

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