Paintings – Figure

“The Hungry Panda” Oil on canvas, 48″ x 24″


Portrait, Oil on canvas, 18″ x 24″


Waiting, Oil on canvas, 40" x 30

“Taking a Break”, Oil on canvas, 40″ x 30

“Spanish Dancers”, OIl on canvas, 30″ x 20″

“Seesaw” oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″

Tribute to Erich

Tribute to Erich” oil on canvas, 14″ x 18″

J Ekern purchase at Embody

“Motion at Rest”, Oil on canvas, 18″ x 24″, (Private Collection, Chicago)

Heat of the Summer, 40″ x 30″, sold

“Expectation” sold

little girl running from the shadow of war

“More play, less war” oil on canvas, 10″ x 14″

“Women after Pablo”, oil on canvas, 12″ x18″, NFS

“After the shower”, (Private Collection, Chicago)

the deer and hand for VLEZ 60th birthday

“Peaceful Coexistence”, Private Collection, Fort Wayne

“River of Flesh” Private Collection

angled woman larger version of the smaller oil

“The Blue Chair” oil and acrylic, 18″ X 24″

“Ribbon Man”
Private Collection

“Odalisque at Large”
18″ x 24″