Respect the Pour


DSCF4310 salt flow

River of Salt, 12″ x 24″, Oil, salts, glues, ink on canvas

DSCF4297 oceanic flow 1

Flying over My Beginnings, 12″ x 30″, mixed medias on canvas


Bird at the Shore Line, 12″ x 48″, Oil, ink, acrylic, various glues on canvas


Wind and River, 40″ x 30″, oil and mixed media on canvas


Storm, 40″ x 16″, Oil, acrylic, ink on canvas

Estes cloudmastertrainingringforopenwall

Cloud Training Ring, 16′ x 12″, Oil, Ink, acrylic, glues on canvas

spestes reconstruction

Capturing Steel, 17″ x 19″, Oils, spices, glues, coffee, salts on board

Shadow of the Sea, 18

Shadow of the Sea, 18″ x 14″, Ink, salts, oil, other on canvas

raining family

It’s Raining Family, 30″ x 45″, Oil, acrylic, straw, ink, various organic bits and glues


Ink Wings, 16″ x 20″, Oil, acrylic, ink, other organic material on canvas

Estes Face of the wind

Face of the Wind, 19″ x 25″ framed; Glues, ink, coffee, mounted on canvas


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